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Manuel Antonio Beach, just a few yards from our hotel, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. It's large white sand berms attract beach lovers. Manuel Antonio Beach contains tidal pools and offers many water sports and activities. From snorkeling, to surfing, to laying by the beautiful beach enjoy the breeze, you can find a wonderful activity that makes your day perfect.

The Pacific Ocean at Manuel Antonio Beach is world-renowned for it's excellent fishing. The beach is the only full service marina on the Costa Rica Pacific Coast, with a boat lift. It's hosting the #1 Sport Fishing Tournament this year!

You can go for a boat ride, a banana boat ride, take a boat out fishing, go jet skiing, or even parasailing. There's even plenty of delicious places to eat (including one of our restaurants). Lounging on the beach while drinking from a fresh coconut is the perfect way to spend your relaxation time! Just the view and sunsets are perfect.

According to the Costa Rica Blog, * Manuel Antonio is known for it's world-class sport fishing.  You can even enjoy in-shore fishing trips.  The rocky shores of Manuel Antonio are full of many types of sea life. You'll find snapper, lobster, Spanish Mackerel, trigger, jack fish, and more.

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