The Property

El Faro Beach Container Hotel is the perfect combination of eco-friendly and luxury accommodations.

We’re a sustainable architecture with a very modern and minimalist design offering everything you would want for a wonderful vacation.

The hotel is nestled on a hill next to one of the 12 most beautiful parks in the world according to Forbes magazine, Manuel Antonio National Park offers a variety of popular tours of all kinds.

There is plenty to do on the property as well, with an infinity pool and a second, family pool. Visit our internationally known restaurant with amazing views and a delicious food and pool bar.

There are many green gardens around the property where you can admire our flora and fauna. Then make your way down the hill to check out the shops at the El Faro Artisan Market.

Our reclaimed structure is a unique, fun place to stay and make new friends. You can relax by the pool or join the local musicians at the restaurant and sing the night away!

Why Containers

El Faro Beach Hotel was built in 2014 and our biggest concern was to cause minimum impact to the environment because we are located right next to Costa Rica’s most famous national park. 

Muchas ideas bastante creativas se discutieron, pero los inversionistas se decidieron por algo completamente nuevo en ese momento y así fue como nació el primer hotel de CONTENEDORES en Costa Rica.

After overcoming many challenges, 50 recycled containers were turned into cozy little rooms, perched upon the hill.

Every part recycled from the container structure was used within the building. The locking bars were transformed into hand rails and the doors were used as retaining walls.

When you walk around the property you can see the raw materials popping up to reveal the true foundation of this hotel, but that is not the case when you are inside our unique rooms.